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Welcome to “Anna Camille Synthpaintann”

Playing piano.. and many a instrument that blows.. flutety tutes.and the bang ones too since knee high tall
Being . 4 decades . plus.. . have given me quite a while to do some musical explorations. And being of enquiring mind .. many a route has been tinkered with. It all began.. with..
Age 10 and a 1/3rd, I attended Trinity College of Music London W.1 for audition.. seeking a Borough Council London Grant “Junior Exhibitioner Award”.This lead to to Saturday attendance at Trinity for weekly piano and flute ,music theory classes and chance to audition and perform in the college orchestra.
At school at 17 my academic music teacher was a graduate King´s College Cambridge Choral scholar with a passion for all things choral which he infectiously passed onto me.
For music higher education Dartington College of Arts Devon gave me a place to continue studies which turned out to be a tale of diversification.

In depth study of Baroque harpsichord,.. and other side lines, Balinese Suling with Gamelan, and again more intensive with the Japanese Shakuhachi flute, 4 years apprenticeship with leading UK residence Japanese Artist . Yoshikazu Iwamoto.
Saying that first passions have never died.. particularly piano..Beethoven . his sonatas.

and then I got to thinking that maybe I really wanted to put my music more out there.. to throw introspection away.. . There’s boxes of old cassettes .. homemade recording dating back 10-15 years.. and my two sons.. one, Solomon Walter Kelly
Initially I had a casette player, old bang olsen.. trying to capture the live.. and lost archaic files of orchestrated rants on an older version of Cubase. Now a hand held Roland Edirol R-09HR. 24 BIT.
My heros are an assortment of the alive and dead.. the famous to the obscure , friends to complete strangers, Bob Dylan , Beethoven, .Santana, Satie, Caetano Veloso, Astor Piazolla, the pianist Ruben Gonzalez, , The Four Tops, Aretha Franklin, Sophie Mutter, Elton John , Led Zeppelin, Glen Gould, Briano Eno, Keith Jarret, Debussy, George Harrison, The Electric Light Orchestra, JS Bach, Herbie Hancock. the pianist Valentina Lisitsa, . Ravi Shankar,
Shostakovich, Rachmaninov, Tubby Hayes, Prince, Tchaikovsky. (. to be continued..)

I own a acoustic New York upright piano built in New York at the end of the 19 century, Roland synth, RD600 stand semi flight case , a Roland K 100w keyboard amp , a shure mike,condenser for vocals, a guild acoustic , assortment of folk flutes… and other tings like a professional tambourine .. and err my new Roland Edirol R-09HR,

Before that I was esconced on the edge of Cornwall .. ( South Devon)..England and before that as a kid in the throes of London’s myriad complexions and floating about the whole of it.. a child hood spotted with decampments to Wales and Scotland.
I am connected on skype phone and online.. I use linkedin . From where I live I make music, paint and take photographs.
Reverbnation, Sound Cloud , My Space,

Online I search out niches for all my musical and artistic output.

Since May 2008 I have been living here in Portugal.

Your interest, support and encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Anna Camille

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Music For Activists . Tories Out!

Unite And Overthrow The Tories


For the sake of good grace we owe it to ourselves to be  rid  of the  Tories.


Take a stand now for your and your childrens future.  Bring a socialist government to Power  in the UK.




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Notable trees

Source: Notable trees

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The Last 2 Minarets of May or May Not“>Minaret Crushed

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Revealed: Thousands of Britain’s top bankers become Euro millionaires while workers pay clipped to 1 per cent

David Hencke

HSBC pic credit BBC HSBC. Five senior executives due to share £33.4m Pic credit: BBC


The day  after the general election the House of Commons library released a flood of papers which had been held up because of  purdah rules until after the result was known.

One of the most revealing papers was one on Banking Executives’ Renumeration in the UK. It drew on two sources – Britain’s submission  ( required by EU rules ) to the European Banking Authority and British sources such as company reports and details from the banks themselves about long term incentives for senior executives.

The facts revealed in the annexes to this report confirm what a lot of people have suspected but have not always been able to prove. There is-a widening gulf between the top and the bottom that has been going on during the fiercest period of austerity which has seen real…

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Video: Boris Johnson telling fire-safety panel “Get stuffed”. #Grenfell

Source: Video: Boris Johnson telling fire-safety panel “Get stuffed”. #Grenfell

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Citoyenneté UE pour les européens : unis dans la diversité malgré le droit du sol et le droit du sang

Source: Citoyenneté UE pour les européens : unis dans la diversité malgré le droit du sol et le droit du sang

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Ciudadanía UE para Europeos: Unidos en Diversidad a Despecho de ius soli y ius sanguinis

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